Maybe it was a late night. Maybe it was a long day. Maybe one of you should have called Uber. Whatever happened is in the past. If your friend was arrested, you need to know what to do now.

1. Stay Calm: No matter what happens, remain calm. Don't try to argue with the police or grab at anyone. You might end up getting yourself arrested, too. Staying calm is the best thing you can do for your friend and yourself.

2. Ask the Police Where They Are Headed: Most likely they will be taking your friend to the nearest police station or detention center, but where exactly is that? Depending on what city or county you are in, the answer may not be what you expected. Pay attention to the answer.   

3. Find Out When the Arraignment Will Be: You can't get your friend out of jail until after he or she has been arraigned so politely ask the police officer when and where that will be. While the officer may now know the answer, he should be able to give you a business card with a number to call for more details. 

4. Get in Touch with a Bail Bondsman: You may not know all the answers yet regarding your friend, but you can talk to a bail bondsman and find what their policies are. Most bail bondsman require you to put down a 10 percent deposit on the bail. So, if bail ends up being set at $5,000, you would need 1- percent of that, or $500. The ten percent you put down is non-refundable and considered the bail bondman's fee.  

5. Talk to a Defense Attorney: Take to an attorney. Even if the charges seem simple, your friend went to jail, He or she will need the advice of an attorney to get out of this legal situation.

6. Don't Miss Any Court Dates: Do not let your friend miss any court dates. If their license is suspended, make sure they have a ride to court. Go with them if you have to. No showing on a court date could cause the judge to issue a bench warrant for their arrest.

The most important thing to do is relax. Getting arrested is certainly not the worst thing that could have happened to your friend. Take a deep breath and help them through this situation so you can both move on with your lives.