Most responsible adults make daily choices that support their lives in a positive manner. However, small issues can easily escalate and lead to being arrested for nonviolent offenses. Actions as simple as forgetting to pay for traffic tickets, car registration, insurance, or child support can lead to being arrested. Receiving a disturbing call that a loved one needs help immediately is troubling. This is a time that many family members must quickly come together to see what the options are for quickly removing their loved one from custody. This situation is often heightened for people who are on specialized mediations, have mobility issues, or are the main breadwinner for their family. Here are a few tips on what to expect from a 24-hour bail bond service. 

There is no need to wait until business hours start to get help. 24-hour bail bonds are available to answer questions by phone and, in some cases, in person. Present the staff with all known facts about the loved one who has been arrested. Their legal name, current work situation, and any sensitive information regarding prior legal problems. The bail bond services agent will present the known details of the arrest. The charges and bond amount will be received before a quote is given for the bondsman services. The 24-hour bail bond agent will present their service rate and the need for collateral. This collateral amount can be satisfied with cash, family homes, undeveloped land, boats, cars, jewelry, and anything of value that can be quickly sold. Examples of items that could be used as collateral include any belongings that can be sold at a pawn shop. Once the agreement has been finalized, bail requirements can be met and the individual will be released. In order to keep items pledged as collateral, the bond services fee must be met and court dates must be attended.

Medical problems, domestic incidents, or losing a job can make it difficult to meet the requirements of the court. A bail bonds agent has a positive interest in keeping their clients out of jail. They can reach out to the courts and notify the judge of any appearances that need to be rescheduled. Not keeping the lines of communication open can lead to misunderstandings that could lead to another arrest. Use these tips to hire 24-hour bail bond services for a quick release from jail and assistance throughout the court process. Contact a bail bonds service for more information.