It's easy to feel very alone after an arrest. You might think that you have no one to help you, but that is simply not the case. If you have the means, you don't need to involve anyone you know in your efforts to obtain bail and be released from jail. For a guide on getting yourself free from jail using a bail bonding agency, read on.

Own Recognizance

Not all those arrested must make a financial payment to be free from jail. Some people can be released on their own recognizance. If you can be trusted to return for all court dates and follow the rules, you can be released without having to pay any money at all. Those who qualify for this type of release may be released from the jail with paperwork directing them to appear for their hearing and to remain out of trouble in the meantime. The likelihood of being offered an own recognizance release depends on both the nature of the offense and your criminal record. Non-violent misdemeanors for those with very little or no record may result in this type of release. It keeps the jails clear for more serious offenders.

Bail Information

Many defendants appear before a judge soon after the arrest for either a bail hearing or an arraignment. Here, you are officially informed of your charges and provided with your bail costs. In most cases, bail is thousands of dollars.

Bail and Bail Bonds

Few defendants have the type of money in their possession to pay bail to the court. However, if you do you can make bail by paying it yourself. You should know that many jails now have ATMs, and you may be able to make bail if you have the funds in an accessible account. Be aware, though, that these machines usually charge higher than average fees for the withdrawals

If you don't have enough money to make the full bail, you can still obtain a release from jail using a bail bond. Bail bonds are offered by outside agencies and the cost is a small percentage of the full bail being charged by the jail or court. You can arrange to pay the bail by speaking to a bail bonding agency over the phone from the jail, if permitted. Usually, the bail agent will arrange to meet with you at the jail to get the payment details, but you may also be bailed out and asked to stop by the bail bonding agency to sign the paperwork.

To find out how affordable and easy obtaining your freedom can be using a 24-hour bail bonding agency, speak to a local agency (such as Texas Outlaws Bail Bonds) today.