Many of those arrested may have the mistaken idea that they can and should wait in jail for their court dates. Perhaps there was a time when that wasn't such a bad idea, but things are different, and being bailed out is now the way to go. To find out why waiting in jail should be avoided, read on.

Bail Can be Affordable

One main issue for those arrested is the cost of bail. When the judge informs you that your bail is $5,000 or more, it's difficult to imagine how you will pay it. However, there is another option that costs only a small percentage of the bail cost. Bail bonding companies are not directly affiliated with the jail or the court system, but they work with them to arrange for your release. What's more, you only need to pay a small part of the total amount charged.

Jail Is Dangerous

You can be placing your life in danger if you remain in jail.  You will be held alongside dangerous felons who are charged with serious crimes. Fights and assaults can happen along with an ever-present danger of being sexually assaulted. Also, jails can be unsanitary and unhealthy. You are likely to catch whatever virus is currently going through the inmates and medical care can be sketchy and insufficient.

You Could Wait a Long Time

Though it can vary from place to place, many of those awaiting trial have been there for weeks and weeks. Some must wait for months for their court date to arrive. Jails are overcrowded because the courts are overcrowded, and the COVID-19 situation has not made things better. Before you decide to wait in jail, consider just how long your wait might be.

You Need to Work on Your Case

If you are to have a chance at fighting the charges, you need legal help, and jail is not a good place to work on your case with your defense lawyer. Your privacy may be compromised, and you may be limited in how much time you can spend with your lawyer to help prepare your case. If you are presented with a plea bargain, you might be challenged to advocate properly for yourself while in jail. Don't get so desperate to get out of jail that you agree to a bad plea deal when a bail bond can help you get out now.

There are many more reasons to get out of jail using a bail bonding agent. Speak to a local bail bond service to learn more.