There are often several different financing options available to individuals looking to finance a large purchase. Two of the most common options are either taking out a personal loan or utilizing a credit card. While many people choose to use an existing credit card simply due to the convenience this option offers, the truth is, choosing to apply for a personal loan is often the better option. Continue reading to learn more about some of the ways you can benefit from choosing to apply for a personal loan rather than using a new or existing credit card. 

Personal Loans Offer Access To A Larger Line Of Credit

Several different factors go into determining exactly how much financing an individual can qualify for. For example, lenders will consider an applicant's credit score, overall credit history, and current reported income level. Consequently, the exact amount of money each person has access to can vary dramatically. However, most people will find that personal loans offer them access to a larger amount of money than a single credit card account provides. 

Personal Loans Typically Offer Better Repayment Terms

When deciding between a personal loan and the use of a credit card, it is important to consider not only obtaining access to the funds you need, but also the terms surrounding the repayment of these funds. In this regard, personal loans are almost always the better option. There are two primary reasons for this. First, credit cards are designed to offer a short-term solution to financing smaller purchases and therefore are designed to be paid off quickly. Personal loans on the other hand are designed to offer longer repayment terms while will typically result in lower monthly payments. Second, personal loans will often come with considerably lower interest rates. This means that taking out a personal loan will often save you money over the life of your loan when compared to the use of a credit card. 

Personal Loans Help To Improve Your Mix Of Credit Accounts

There are a wide variety of factors that are used to determine your creditworthiness and your overall credit score. One of these factors is the different types of credit accounts you successfully manage. Maintaining a good mix of revolving credit and installment loan accounts is a great way to boost your credit score and ensure you can qualify for any financing you may require in the future. Choosing to obtain a personal loan rather than using a credit card to pay for a major purchase is a great way to achieve this mix of credit accounts. 

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